Questions to ask yourself

I can help you explore:          

Wealth strategies:

Can I have tax-free income flow at retirement?

Will we outlive our income at retirement?

What do I want to leave for my family?

How can I minimize taxes?


What if I, or my family, need(s) help?

Can this endanger our retirement plans?

Have we set up durable powers of attorney?

Wills or trusts:                          

What’s the difference?

What happens without one?

Existing insurance policies: 

Do I understand how they work?

Will they work well for the long-term?

Are beneficiaries and custodians current?

Business ownership:       

How can I benefit staff selectively?

How can I build and protect my business?

What is a buy-sell agreement? Should I have one?

What happens to business if I’m suddenly gone?

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